“It’s Deep Goes High, So Commissions Also High”

Linear Compensation Plan

Linear or Straight line compensation plans are structured as a downward thread of distributors, as new distributors can join one under the other continually. Get in now and everyone from hear, to around the world, will be in YOUR downline!

We can understand the concept of the plan from the name itself. The biggest advantage of the linear plan is its simplicity.

The every member will placed in the single line and the income is completely its based on the company effort. The first member will get more compare to the second and the second member will earn more compare to the last joint member.

What Is Linear Matrix?

When it comes to positioning, the location of a customer is time-stamped and whenever someone is added to company, they immediately become a part of someone’s organization. For example, if Member-A is located in California and becomes a part of the organization, and Member-B is located in New York and becomes a part of the organization, then B is in A’s down-line organization. So this leads me back to my point. This is one of the benefits of a linear compensation plan. You not only benefit from your personal work, but you’re positioning which is equally important. As the overall organization grows, so does the personal organization of each person who joins.

Compare to other plan , it having more levels of each members. So all are getting more level commissions its also called one-line commission.

It is incredibly easy to profit and accumulate a large income in a short period of time.

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