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Stair-Step Breakaway Plan

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What is Stair Step Break Away Matrix?


Stairstep Matrix Like an Unilevel Matrix, where there are an unlimited number of front line positions. It has a percentage assigned to each level progressively deeper.

Best Way to describe you it is with an example:

  • When beginning out, there is usually a front end loading. This implies that the supplier is needed to buy a variety of items to be a part of the company. That results in a Garage complete of items. This has modified over the years as there is now a cap on initial product investment.
  • Each stairway phase is regarded with a progression in position within the company.
  • As you shift to the top of the stairways, you are then permitted to “Breakaway” from your sponsor and run your company individually.

How does It work?

With each step/rank, you will be allocated an lower price or refund you generate on your buys. For example, the first stage (sales professional level) may generate a 20% discount, the second stage (Distributor), will generate a 25% discount, the third stage (Supervisor) a 30% discount, the fourth stage (Manager) a 35% discount and the fifth stage (National Director) generates a 40% discount. As you improve up the steps and get marketed, your company amount discount rates or discount rates improve.

Advantages of Stair Step Break Away Matrix:

Historically StairStep Matrix have offered the best earnings potential. The breakaway component of these Matrix allows a person to build bigger teams and earn compensation from deeper generational levels.

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